It’s been two months since Joe and I started this Your neighbor ari magazine! I still don’t feel any less excited and nervous when each story is released. Two months prior to this, I didn’t quite feel like I belonged in Ari, at least not as much as the ‘Ari natives’.

I saw myself as a mere condo tenant – a passerby – even though I’ve been living here for five years. The native Ari-ians, in my imagination, are those who live in houses behind high walls and won’t come out unless it’s important.  But now, I’m starting to see my definition of people of Ari-Saphan Kwai expanding – anyone who spends their daily lives here belongs here.

Talking to strangers isn’t easy still, but some walls have been knocked down and it does get easier. I’m starting to see the background of each family and where they’re from. The more I ask, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I can’t wait to share with you guys. That’s how much change I see in myself – and all from a shy guy in a 50 sq.m apartment. You can do this too, without the ‘I’m working on this project’ card. Just get connected to your neighbors.

Manoch, the security guy at Feast is no longer here. It’s quite harrowing news to me after interviewing him just a few weeks ago, seeing him being so upbeat about getting a new job. He said he was thankful that he can get a job in this day and age. Not sure why he’s no longer there, but we’d like to spread some love to him and Feast through this hard time.

On the other hand, Ya, the dumpling lady, was excited to tell me that her dumplings are selling better than ever after she appeared on here. She was looking for me so she could ask again how to see herself on Facebook. She said that “Sometimes people even start queuing up; I wish I could take a photo for you!”

We’re happy to talk to everyone, despite the fact that we can barely keep up with our releases. In the very near future, we’re launching our website proper! That’s where you can find full interview stories and more from our magazine. Thanks a lot for your support, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and we are working hard for more fun stuff I can’t wait to tell you about in the future.


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