“Feast was designed with a rooftop like this to support rooftop gardening. We plan to support our vendors with our fresh harvest from the rooftop for free. @moomgapao.official takes our fresh basil leaves (Gapao) and others for kale and vegetables for salad. We work with Wastegetable. They come and help us tend the garden every once in a while. The Happygrocers girls are now doing workshops on making a garden like this – you know, to spread the knowledge to Ari.

I had sustainability in mind when we designed this place. We want to be another green space here to keep it open-air, a recycling system, and keeping all the existing trees. But most importantly, I want people here to feel like they can come back, like a canteen where office people have lunch. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with people’s awareness around here. The trash here gets dealt with beautifully; no need to tell them.

Toh, one of the owners of @feast.ratchakru

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