“I’ve hung on to these pieces for a while now, thinking I’d bring them back into rotation or save them for a clothes swap, actually, haha. I’ve attached memories to most of my clothes, which can sometimes be difficult when I need to let go of things. But for the stuff I’m bringing to the swap, I’m ready for someone else to make better memories in.

If you look through your wardrobe and a shirt reminds you of your ex, this is the perfect opportunity to trade it in and let all that go. You might be surprised by how therapeutic and rewarding it feels. I remember going to a clothes swap right after coming out of a relationship, and I swapped away everything that reminded me of him. It felt like the universe was rewarding me because I found many cool things that day, like a pair of high-waisted Levi’s jeans. So, you never know what you can find in a swap, even if it’s just a bit of release.”

Tika, a neighbor in Ari

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