soi sailom


My grandfather is the one who gave the name to Soi Sailom (Windy Soi). Back in those days, most roads were named after their landowners. Soi Ari was called Soi Katib, after E.M Katib the Indian business person who owned the land. However, the name Soi Sailom was agreed upon by the votes of early settlers, my grandfather was one of them. He thought it was windy and thought this would make a good name – he suggested it and everyone liked it – and so it’s been called Sai Lom (wind) ever since.

When Phranakorn Co-op store (next to BTS Ari) was built in 1972, it was known for its high-quality goods. That piece of land used to be owned by the Tinnakorn family (Descendents of Rama II). My great-grandfather’s house was there before he sold the land to build the mall. My dad is from Soi Sailom and my Mom is a Tinnakorn (Ari). They met each other elsewhere but then later realized that they were neighbors.