Been working since 9 o’clock and I still haven’t made 300 baht yet. I’m delivering around Ari-Intamara, it’s so risky out here man! 3 of my friends have caught it already. I’ll take whatever help I can take at this point. Please say thank you to the restaurant owner joha_korean_restaurant  for me.

My grandmother used to sell southern food with excellent ingredients in Pak Panang town. After she passed away, my close friend who’s really good at design and I set up this restaurant (paknang.bkk) to bring back my grandma’s recipe to the rebranded, trendy environment. It’s been tough recently. My customers come here to experience the food, the music, the story, and the environment. Being able to offer only a delivery service caters only to the group of customers who crave authentic southern Thai food, and so my customer numbers have dropped off massively. I have to be strong because there are dozens of staff that need their job secured.