“Every Sunday morning at 7 o’clock, my friend Nicha and I are out here observing plants, insects, birds, and other animals we can find in Ari. We’re not teachers, nor biologists. We’re building a biodiversity encyclopedia of Ari. We just enjoy learning and I consider it a success of the day for me to be out here. Nature makes me feel grounded and whole.

We live in a closed and controlled area most of our lives. We turn the aircon on when it’s hot and turn it off when it’s cold. But, out here, you’ll never know what you’re going to find and for me, that’s real nature. We can’t be completely disconnected from nature. It’s become clearer now when people are trapped inside the house.

At least, a small park would help. The city planning officials said that approximately 19,000 square meters of public space are required for every 1,000 people. Phayathai alone has 70,000 people living here, so where are the parks?”

“When I got my first job in Thonglor, I had to find a place to live. It must be some kind of tradition that when country boys like me move to Bangkok, our entire families must come to help us move ‘cos I remember we drove up all the way from Chumphon in our pick-up truck full of my stuff.

It was the first time I’d ever lived in the city – I was so excited and a bit nervous! I wanted to introduce myself to my neighbors on the same floor, so I bought some gifts and knocked on each and every door. I said something like “Hi… I just moved in. Nice to meet you.” But I gave up pretty quickly as every time a door opened, I was greeted with a puzzled look and a “Uhm…ok?”. I quickly learned that I shouldn’t have done it – haha!

It seems that people in the city are way more guarded than where I’m from”