Been working since 9 o’clock and I still haven’t made 300 baht yet. I’m delivering around Ari-Intamara, it’s so risky out here man! 3 of my friends have caught it already. I’ll take whatever help I can take at this point. Please say thank you to the restaurant owner joha_korean_restaurant  for me.

The restaurant’s name @joha_korean_restaurant actually reads ‘Jo-Ah’. It means “Like” in Korean but we added a little ‘H’ sound to make it more fun and easier to pronounce. I started this restaurant 5 years ago when I was still working as cabin crew with my Korean friend – he’s a chef. In the early days, Joha was in my family home, yes, that old shop house in the corner of soi 2! We renovated the old kitchen and the garbage area, and turned it into a restaurant so small, you wouldn’t think we could fit everything in! Now we’re renting this spot in front of my neighbor’s home and have Joha as you see today.