Aree Ba Bar


We’re giving away free food! Today we’ve made southern-style spicy chicken curry on rice. The owner, Khun Pen, cooks the food early in the morning, and then when I get here at around 6 o’clock, I start packing it up – usually around 40-50 boxes of food per day. Not long after 9 o’clock, the food is all taken, mostly by the moto-taxi guys, the construction workers, and the passers-by. It was Khun Pen who came up with this idea, she just wanted to help people. Some neighbors give us donations of money too, so we can do this every day.

(AribaBar is a popular local bar started in 2001. It was the local hot spot among foreigners. The alcohol side of the business has been shut for nearly 2 years. Now they sell takeaway lunches and offer space for others to run their small businesses. Feel free to stop by)