“Last year, somebody posted about a cat being hit by a motorcycle near my home. I sent a message asking if the cat was okay. He said the cat can’t stay at the vet because he couldn’t afford it. So I decided to help out by asking the residents in the condo that I manage to help out by donating some money. I was amazed when I got almost 20k from the donations. Now the cat is safe and living with me; his name is Kanoon.

I’ve been working as a condo manager for 15 years, and I can say that this is the most friendly condo I’ve ever experienced. Almost everyone who lives here is really friendly. Some of them even offer to provide Covid insurance for our staff for free.  Some also offered plenty of food they share with us! I think the lower the number of households, the easier they can become neighbors. I used to work in a condo with a thousand rooms, it was nothing like this.

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