“I’ve been a tuk tuk driver here in Ari for 30 years. I started back when the government office compound wasn’t even built. Before tuk tuking, I used to do pretty much whatever work I could find – laboring on construction sites, in car repair shops. As soon as one job finished, I would be out looking for the next. One day, I asked these tuk-tuk folk in Ari if I could join them. They said I had to rent my own vehicle and so that’s what I did. I drove rented tuk-tuks until I could afford to buy my own and I never changed my job again. It’s this job that has helped pay for my children’s education, and now they’ve all graduated.

Every day night after work, I drive my tuk tuk back from here to Pathumthani. It takes a few hours but that’s where the house we bought is. Then the next morning, I’m back here around 7. Why do I enjoy it? I think it’s freedom. I don’t have a boss. I can do whatever I want.”

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