“When I tell people I’m an economist and a composer/ sound artist, they assume that I do my day job for money and make music for pleasure. The truth is I enjoy both, I’m an equally big nerd with both! My economic work gives me the privilege to work in different countries. When I’m overseas, I perform at gigs and make music inspired by their cultures. It has made me understand art and club culture deeper, which benefits my day job. I don’t DJ though. I don’t know how to please the crowd. I only make music as art to satisfy my geekiness.

I’ve traveled frequently since I was a kid. Both my parents are originally from Bangladesh. I am occasionally treated differently by my looks in some countries, especially in airports. But, as soon as I open my mouth, people instantly know that I’m a Brit. Being a nomad is great but sometimes you don’t get to keep valuable friendships. This is something I think about often and much of my music work explores these ideas of cities, places, and people.

Although an East Londoner right down to my DNA, I also feel a deep connection to Ari, Bangkok. A large part of that is due to those very same connections we have been speaking about, such as my partner, my friends, and the community. I would loathe losing those things…”
Sajib, an economist and a musician

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