“I have dreams too, like everyone else. I hope I can buy a piece of land to grow crops to feed a proper family one day. I’m from Khon Kaen, a very poor part of the country; I remember my mom carrying me to the temple in the village to exchange some rice for a meal every evening. After my father died, my sister brought me down to Bangkok – it was 1977, and I was 11. We were the first ever to leave the village looking for an opportunity in Bangkok.

So, I was 11 and working; I earned 150 baht per month. It was a lot of money for a kid back then. All I remember doing was working. I worked in sugar cane plantations; then, I became a truck driver. I’ve seen every part of this country. I drove for a living for a long time. I work every day, but buying a piece of land looks like a far-away dream. I have no idea how I can ever make that much money.

I don’t know. I’m a 55-year-old guard. I make enough money to feed myself every month. I buy lottery tickets and drink so I can see my friends. I guess I have seen enough; maybe that’s all I want.”
Prajuab, security guard at Rajchakru Resident (between Ari Soi 1-2)

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