“I make and sell vegetarian food because I’ve been eating this way pretty much all my life, in fact, since I was 7 years old – and now I’m in my 50s. I guess it runs in my family. My parents practice Santi Asoke Buddhism which has strict practices and rules to follow and includes not encroaching on animals. However, my customers are here for different reasons. Some are on Jay week, some for health benefits, and some, mostly the farangs, practice veganism.

Most of the people who eat here know me. This morning I’m so happy because a customer who lives in Soi 5 gave me some lovely butterfly pea flowers. So I boiled them with my tofu milk and it made a beautiful purple color. All the food here I make by myself. I have a kitchen here. I don’t have a day-off since my customers don’t have a day-off from their vegetarianism – right?

Prai, Suan Pai Vegetarian food
(on the alley next to Piyawan building near Soi 1)

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