“I know it’s super cringy when a company says it “treats their employees like family” but at my job, I really feel that way. I have been an employee at Guss Damn Good since the start of the brand. Now I’m doing much more. I’m from a lower-middle-class family, which means we all have to work hard for money. I needed money so I could sign up for a Work and Travel program, so I can make more money abroad. That’s why I got a job as an ice-cream scooper. It’s that simple.

But the brand founders told me, “Peat, when you come back, please come and work with us”. They always check the relationship with all their employees on a personal level. I think a good boss knows not only where the goal is but how to nurture the team to learn to achieve the goal together. Do I have a personal dream? Yes, I’d love to be an illustrator, but I don’t know how to get there yet. To speak frankly, I can see a career ladder with my current job, there will be something bigger more for me to do here at Guss Damn Good”

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