“I teach old people art and how to use technology. My dream, when I was a child, was to move from Ubon to Bangkok to study art to become a teacher.

My first ‘student’ has always been my dad. I’ve taught my dad how to do loads of stuff since I was a teen. He’s 81 this year. Since the pandemic, I haven’t been able to see him; he loves to sing so he learned to use Zoom and we sang together through Zoom. So I thought, why don’t I teach other old folks as well?

I learned that many old people have to live with a feeling of worthlessness and loss. Some of them have lost their spouse, and so they need leadership. They need a life path, a job, something to do. I want them to escape these negative thoughts. I believe that older people can begin new adventures. I’ve seen many people who have become a chef, a yoga teacher, or even an athlete in their old age!”
Pam, Educator

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