“I’m an anti-aging medical practitioner, but today I attended a drawing class, and here’s the first self-portrait I have ever done! I’m 65, but I feel like I can continue learning from this younger generation, things like art & crafts workshops and sports. Last year I took a flower arranging course and then passed on what I had learned to my house worker. Now she’s opened her flower arranging shop!

I feel the same way as a doctor too. When I finished my medical degree, I continued to study pharmaceutics, traditional Thai medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. What I learned from all of this is nothing is more important than keeping yourself healthy from the inside.

Art is a great way to slow down your thought process and feel more deeply. The class I took today made me feel like I could be in the zone with myself. Do you know that 70% of illnesses come from how you feel inside? So I’d like to tell young people to ‘Keep your thoughts still and keep your body moving’ – always.”

Orawan, medical practitioner

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