“I’m feeling good today, look how few I have left to sell! This is what’s left over from 700 hundred cups! You see, my Kanom Tuay is not flats like the classic ones you see in boat noodle stalls. Those are a disaster when you put them in boxes. And let me tell you, no high heat when you steam cook them, make sure they taste salty and creamy.

I can’t do this all alone, are you kidding?! There are about one ton of ceramic cups to cook and clean! There are five of us renting a house together. 3 women and 2 men. Every morning we make Kanom Tuay together with about 700 -1,000 cups and then we head out to sell them on our own in this area. These ceramic cups are heavy as hell on the push cart. Then at the end of the day, we sit together and clean these cups. That’s our day.

I’m rooting for a lottery jackpot win today. If I win today, y’all can eat for free!”

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