“This past couple of years have been rough for me. I lost my job. I lost my wife and child through divorce. Then there’s Covid and Thai governments and so on. My heart condition sent me to the emergency room, and I lived with depression. It was not easy.

But I have more time to stay home. It gave me some time to breathe and focus on one thing at a time. I learned gardening and learned more about earthworms. It’s fascinating to know how these tiny creatures eat and live – and how important they are to nature. I’m the kind of guy that digs deep into what I’m interested in, and that yielded me a little shop that sells soil from earthworms. These little guys, when they eat, produce finer soil rich in nutrients essential for plants.

I haven’t been anywhere for a while, and that doesn’t bother me at all. I mean, I don’t have to act like a hippie to be a hippie. For me, it means finding peace from what you can find. In my case, I see these different types of earthworms every day. In the future, I’d love to spread my knowledge to Ari-ians. I could make a one-day class that charges 100-200 or something like that.

Niab, earthworm farmer at Deal the Dirt Scent @niyabu88

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