“I have been a trainer here for six years. Let me tell you. It’s so chill. It’s a small gym, so people know each other, and most of them live in the neighborhood. Some of them work here, so they join the gym in the morning, shower, and go to work. You can see every level here, from athletes to people who want to add light daily physical activity. There’s a 70-year-old here too with jaw-dropping strength– someone I can’t believe he’s 70!

Nobody judges each other either, and we hang out looking for something to eat afterward, haha. That’s all because most of us live in the same area. We sometimes do team training compete against each other with each coach. We host pool parties. We sometimes form a team to train for the Spartan Race. We never win or anything, but, you know, it’s a fun time together.”

Momo, Trainer at @arifitbangkok

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