“Hi, can I join your neighborhood, please? I’m renting a small space on the second floor of a house in soi 3 to run a contemporary art gallery; Manycuts Artspace I Ari. The space is about to open in a few days! Of course, I don’t expect the entire neighborhood to be interested right away. I know artistic spaces can often be seen as intimidating in Thai culture, they need time to settle into their surroundings. I’m pretty much a stranger to the locals too. The only local I know is a street food vendor lady. I guess I need time to blend into the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, we can let art connect us! They have their messages, you know? Some art is highly political, and some challenges your pre-existing ideas. If someone walks into the gallery who is unfamiliar with art, I’d be happy to introduce them to it and exchange some thoughts. There’s no use putting pretty paintings on a gallery wall that no-one can understand.”

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