“Our workload is about 5 times more during Valentine’s and, let me tell you, it’s the same with every other florist shop. Orders start to increase from the 10th and drop after the 14th. I normally work just with my partner but during Valentine’s we have to hire 5 more helpers, designing this year’s bundle, and work until the morning is not shocking for us. It is always like this every year.

When I was in Chiang Mai, studying art, I found that working with flowers was my favorite thing. My first flower arranging job I had was in a church, a wedding I think. It was over 20 years ago. Then I moved to Bangkok, this shop is 14 years old. I know people around here by name. Our shop used to be at the beginning of Soi Ari, which is now a Noble condo.

What I like about my job is the passing forward of joy from hand to hand. I love working with pretty things like flowers. I love being creative with them. Then, when the clients come to collect them and they’re happy with the result, that’s joyful. Then, they tag me or send me photos of how the receiver feels about the flowers. That’s very, very joyful for me.”

Khun Nong (and Natalie), florist at @designflowers_

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