“Some years ago, when our cafe was still in an old house in Sukhumvit, I remember one of our staff had Mickey Mouse pen with Mickey’s head at one end. I remember this Chinese customer borrowing this pen and then taking a photo of herself with Mickey Mouse hovering over her eyes. I didn’t think much about it, but a few days later, another Chinese customer came and asked for the pen. She then took the same photo at the same angle. Then so many Chinese customers kept coming and doing the same – what was that about?

Instagram culture really has made an interesting impact on the cafe. As a cafe owner, you can distinguish between Instagrammers and regular eating customers. Some just buy the food and leave it to get cold on the table while they take selfies. Maybe it was the design of our cafe back then – It could be the decor that attracted loads of Instagrammers. After moving to The Yard, we see this less and less. I think people in Ari come because of the healthy food.”
Joy and Paap, owners of @pastelsmotelcafe

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