“We’ve been selling noodles here for almost six years now. Before this, my husband and I were selling food in a street kitchen in soi 1, just over there. My husband’s relative used to own that building, but now they renovated it, now I think it’s called A-One Ari. Nice place, there’s a bar on the top floor too. But anyway, we’ve had to be on the street ever since. Noodles sounded like a good idea since we aren’t allowed to rinse the wok on the street. After a night out, Young folks used to like something warm to slurp on.

These days, we start packing up at 10 pm – no reason to waste the gas to heat the pot. People’s behavior seems to have changed since Covid, and now the street is empty after ten. And things are so expensive these days. One kilo of pork used to be 140 baht, now it’s 160, which cuts into our profit. Same as everything else. Prices seem only to have gone up and up in the past few years. Can somebody find out what’s going on, please?

Joom, Night noodle stall, opposite Noble Reform

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