“Today, I picked the clothes I no longer wear, washed and ironed them – ready to join Your Neighbor Clotheswap this Saturday. Most of these clothes are in pristine condition; I hardly wear them because they make me feel like I have to do something with my shape. But maybe someone else might enjoy it. So I should swap them with something that makes me feel better about myself. Haha.

These days I talk about the swap event everywhere I go. Most people are pretty confused about how it will work with exchanging worn clothes with other people. I understand; it’s new to me too. But if you want, you can forget about the environmental side of it we’re trying to highlight. I just thought it has been gloomy all year, and this is a great chance to hang out at The Yard, meet new people, have a laugh, and exchange thoughts.”

Harmish “Your Neighbor Ari

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