Last week I took a couple of days to properly stroll and take photos around the Ari, a place I had barely ever visited since living in Bangkok the past decade. Before spending much time here, I imagined Ari was nothing but a distant land with posh, polished concrete cafes on the side of the city I couldn’t afford. After thoroughly wandering about, I was pleasantly surprised to discover unique architecture among old homes and businesses from a bygone era. It was enjoyable to stumble upon these remaining patches of history.

I’ll be leaving Bangkok soon and packing my bags for Tokyo. Finally, I’ll be able to get a drink in a bar again! I’ve made a lot of memories here, and I’m happy I could visually capture a piece of Thailand. I know it sounds silly, but I think I’m going to miss the soi cats. I’ve made a few feline friends while walking about, and it’s fun to see where they randomly turn up.

Graham, photographer @falsedigital

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