“Most Indian food you find outside of India is from Punjab, in the north. The Punjabis were the first group to flee from India during the political unrest and violence, leading to independence from the British. Indian dishes like masala, roti, and such are food that came along with the Indian diasporas spreading worldwide. But of course, there is more to Indian food than simply that from Punjabi. India has 28 states with 28 variations of food!

I’m from Mysore, a southwestern city with a royal palace. Our food is rich in fresh herbs, often slow-cooked, and predominantly vegetarian. I’m the only one from Mysore that I know here. I came here to work in the tech field. Then I decided that I wanted to cook and make people experience good vegetarian Indian food. It shouldn’t be expensive or uncomfortable.

So I decided to move to Ari about a month ago and start a restaurant here. I plan to collaborate with other people in the neighborhood and have my ingredients locally sourced. “

Giri, owner of @sapthabkk

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