“Last year during Covid outbreak, I lost my day job as a restaurant general manager. Without a work contract, I couldn’t get a Visa. I wouldn’t say I like the idea of going back to Italy empty-handed after all I have done. So, all I could think about was what I could do to stay in Thailand. I have about 20 years in the hospitality business and a table in my apartment, so while I was figuring it out, I started a chef’s table in my apartment in Bangsue.

It turns out The Pasta Apartment was a hit. There were over five months of booking ahead and lots of media attention. So I moved to a proper restaurant setting (and legal). I found this old house in Piboon Wattana and decided to put all the money I could find to turn this into the complete form of The Pasta Apartment. I redecorated everything here by myself to my taste. I don’t put up a sign because it’s a house after all, and I want to be in touch with everybody who books to have a meal here.”
Fillipo owner of @thepasta.apartment

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