“We don’t know for how long we have to camp out here on the street like this. We farmers have come from all over the country to peacefully remind the government of their promise to relieve our agricultural debt and support farmers as they promised they would.

One truckload of rice sells for 6,000 baht, that’s 3-month work. The fertilizer alone is already 1,000-something baht. Farmers are starving. We are doing any other jobs we can out there to pay for food, but it’s never enough to pay our debt from the Agricultural Bank. Our debt is now up against the ceiling, the more we work on rice farms, the poorer we become. We are here to ask “where’s the help?”

They say “spread the equality”, where’s that? We want Bangkokers to talk about us more and see how our lives are outside of the capital. Ask us what you want to know, and take photos of us, so more people pay attention. We are camping out here, feeding the mosquitos, separating donated lunch boxes, nobody wants to do that.”

Farmer protesters from Kampangpetch

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