“In my day, there were three legendary party houses. There was Momoko’s, the bassist of the band Futon, Note’s @dudesweetworld house in Soi 5, and guess what? My house! Every week when one of the houses had a party, we’d all flock there.

It was the hot rendezvous spot for artists, DJs, fashion designers, and party organizers at that time – a lot of them are well-known now. I live in a 4-storey shophouse, and sometimes we end up having four parties – one on each floor! My walls were covered with murals – most were from my drunken artist friends. I even had to put up paper on the wall for them to paint. It was crazy.

From 2006 to 2010, there weren’t any tall condos in Ari. Most houses were still lived in by their original owners. The rent was cheap, which attracted a lot of art students and creatives who enjoyed the artistic environment of Ari. The Samnang Court behind @wraptorbkk was once an excellent spot where these people lived. When condos and Ari became popular, the next-generation art kids moved to Ladprao. They preferred to rent old houses over condos to customize where they lived.

Dookie, founder of @gogrrrls & managing editor at @exotic.quixotic

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