“Once when I trained my gym employees, I made one of them stand on a chair while everyone was sitting around them and I made them try to think about their favorite song while being watched. That’s the stress, self-consciousness, and shyness our customers feel when they walk into our gym for the first time. We are not a status gym with lots of trendy people who have great bodies, we have a lot of people who are not confident about their bodies but want to do something. I want to train my staff to know this feeling and treat them kindly.

People are working hard on their New Year’s Resolution this month. To make it not fall through, you must make it through the first month. That’s the hardest part when you want to change your brain pattern. New lifestyle, new food. The real benefit of going to the gym is mental health. My weight goes up and down all the time but I go to the gym every morning to let my brain transmit good feelings and positive energy. I think we all should start there.”
Donny, owner of DD Fitness

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