“If you throw curry into a bin with recyclable plastic trash, then it’s game over. That plastic won’t be able to live again, it will sit for a long time alongside the rotting food waste. I know dealing with household waste can be head-spinning but for organic waste, the minimum you need to do is to separate the bins.

We Thais have a popular misconception that “It’ll all be thrown together in the end anyway.” I can’t guarantee that there is not a single trash truck in Thailand that does that, but if you separate stuff out, at least the plastic has a chance of going to a recycling center. There is no country in the world that has a super system where you can throw all the trash together and it can sort itself.

The most environmentally friendly way to dispose of food waste is to turn it into fertilizer. There is both art and science involved in this – but it’s not too complicated to try. Remember that when the food is rotten in the landfill, it produces methane which contributes to climate change.”
Dome, founder of @gepp_thailand, a plastic trash management company

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