“We have bakers on the night shift here in Landhaus bakery just like in Germany. We bake from 9 at night until 6 in the morning to make sure that we have our bakery fresh out of the oven by 7. This is my first time in a while being back on a day shift, otherwise, you wouldn’t have seen me here.

I’ve been a baker for 20 years. In Germany, if you want to be a baker you have to start as an apprentice. You have to learn from your master baker for 3 years – it’s only then that you can become a baker. And if you want to own a bakery, you have to first become a master baker, this requires working as a baker for at least 5 years, then you have to pass the baker association baking test. You cannot open a bakery without a master baker.

I have been a master baker for a few years now. When I moved here a year ago, I joined Landhaus bakery – our bakery baked strictly in German style. As a master baker, I have been working hard to train our team to make high-quality baked goods.”

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