“We had wanted to open a design store for ages, but we were too scared in case we went bust. But then I got a call from the landlord asking me if I was serious about taking the space. Otherwise, they were going to give it to someone else. I thought, ah shoot, I live in Ari, and it would kill to see someone else in this space. So we decided to take the plunge!

I opened it last month. Some people were interested, but mostly because it looked like a convenience store. They were like, “Cool, now I don’t have to walk to 7”. Some people give us recommendations on what to sell, you know, like a good old mom and pop shop. But the people who showed appreciation in design at this point were the ex-pats.

We worked in fashion magazines for several years. We have a network of young creative minds who are great at design. We want to start our brand, but we also want our shop to platform other designers. Next year, we’ll renovate the space inside the shop to be an exhibition space and a hangout spot. We could cook a couple of dishes and share them. You know, like when you go to a friend’s house.

But before we get there, we’ll have to get through the first few months.”

Da, owner of @madbaconstore

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