“There used to be a huge construction labor camp on this plot of land – about 300 workers in total lived here. Then the construction company’s lease expired, and so I took it over and turned it into a one-of-a-kind beach volleyball court and cafe; Shot Selections Beach Café

Apart from volleyball, people play beach tennis too and we recently built a pickleball court. We have lots of players who just want to have a nice time with friends, and then there are much more serious athletes who are here to practice. We’re now training a team representing Thailand in a pickleball league this year.

I’ve been a tennis coach for over 20 years, along with working in Thai Airways. I’ve also been a tennis commentator on TV. Many athletes are former Thai Airways employees, some found this place while looking for a court to practice. They get to know each other here. I spend my retirement living and working here, I get to meet new and inspiring people every day.”

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