“It’s common for people from Roi Et like us to have to deal with debt from loan sharks. It’s hard to make ends meet. I make 500 baht per day, 6 days a week. I’d be lucky if I could send home 5,000 baht for my wife and two kids. They have no job because there aren’t any for them to do. They grow rice at certain times of the year but let’s be honest, it makes little to no money.

So I’m here in Bangkok as the breadwinner for my family so we can pay the loan. Sometimes they visit us here from Roi Et a few times a year. These days people start using Grab as messengers, so those special messenger jobs for offices are scarce. I can’t get into Grab either, I’m not tech-savvy like young folks and I don’t have apps or phones like them.”
Boonmee, Motorcycle Taxi Soi 1

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