There are 6 people in my household, most of them are aged between 60 and 84. None of them has been out of the house for a month now. I only need to go to work once in a while, but this still means I risk being a carrier to my family. Their way of life has been changed, we have to work together to stay safe and happy.

I’m lucky that my family is open to new things, to make changes for their own safety. My aunt has started shopping for groceries using an app, and my uncle also buys stuff online. I have to make sure they don’t buy low-quality, cash-grab products targeted at older, vulnerable people.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to us, but for them, being stuck at home and not having a job to do, they are glued to this technology that they don’t entirely understand. We’ve been living with technology longer than them and it’s our role to help them out.

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