“So many people think that we’re a coffee shop, but in fact, we started Somewhere as an office for JUNNARCHITECT. We’re a group of architects who used to work at 33 Space just next door. When we had a chance to have our own office, we jumped at it. But we decided to create a space that people in Pradipat can use too.

We designed this place so people can experience the surrounding neighborhood. So as well as seeing our neighbors’ wall, you can see the sky and the condos in Pradipat too. We have small events every month – so that locals can get to know each other, and passers-by can put their feet up for a while.

I’m busy, but I love it. I’ve got an office job in this architect firm, and I also take care of this place, organizing exhibitions and activities. This month we have a pop-up market every weekend. This is a fulfilling thing to do, and this place means a lot to me.

Belle, owner of Somewhere

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