Ari Culture

Things you should know around the neighborhood, its unspoken history, and other various random facts about Ari culture.

You might have heard your Thai friends talking about the increase in the price of pork earlier this year. Caused by African swine fever, the higher pork price created higher demands on other meat products resulting in increased prices on most menus. You may have noticed prices on menus being overwritten on bits of masking tape all over Ari. I’m not sure if the swine flu is gone now, but those inflated price tags sure don’t seem to be going back down but rather more expensive. These days, we start packing up at 10 pm – no reason to waste…

Just a quick hop over the wall from Gump’s, the young, upbeat, and most Instagrammed mall in Ari, a house covered entirely by trees. It’s impossible to tell what this place is from the front. The only thing that can be seen is an old blue wooden gate. You might notice it because this gateway has now become an unofficial parking spot for delivery riders taking orders from Gump’s. Hardly anyone knows what this mysterious place is. In fact, most people don’t even notice the gate at all.  This is Puey Ungphakorn ‘s residence.

I wish I had told you a mysterious ‘X-Files’ type of story, but I’m not. Ghouls and sprites do not haunt this ghost station. Rather it’s an infuriating story of (your) wasted money. I will tell you about the never-constructed ‘ghost’ BTS Skytrain station of Sena Ruam and how this invisible train station has been shamelessly draining money out of your pockets. Not a ghost station in the traditional sense, but some pretty scary facts, nonetheless.