“Our two servers, Tee and Ji, have been with us for over eight years – since the Summer Street days. They’ve stuck with us through thick and thin – no matter how many times we’ve had to move location. We eventually closed down Summer Summer by Summer Street in soi four after the 4th lockdown; we couldn’t keep it going any longer. Other employees went separate ways, some other immigrants went back to their country, but Tee and Ji insisted on staying with us.

You know, back in the Summer Street days, these two got lots of compliments on their excellent service. They worked hard and sacrificed a lot during the hard times. When I got a phone call from my business partner about giving it another try, I asked, “Are we doing this for us or Tee and Ji?” – We have our full-time jobs, and I’m not struggling financially, so if we’re doing this so they can have their job – I’m in. And that’s how Sumpok Stall started.”

Aoy, owner of @sumpokstall

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