About us


Your Neighbor Ari consists of Harmish and Joe. Harmish is a freelance journalist whose dream is to build his own media and spread his messages. Joe is a graphic designer who wants to use the skills he has to improve the world around him.

We are what the Thais called “Manoot Condo” or “Tower People”. We moved here to Bangkok to find work and live in condo towers that are disconnected from the native community. We know that Ari – Saphan Kwai is full of interesting and talented people with the potential to do great things. It would be nice if we could connect these people together and put them on the same landscape as the working-class people to make a community that thinks and makes steps together.

Your Neighbor Ari believes in three things. One is a good community. Two is sustainable innovation and Three, Art, the profound messages made by the people.

If you see us, feel free to say hi! 🙂

Instagram: Your neighbor Ari
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